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Black-Eyed Peas

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I know its a southern tradition to eat black-eyed peas to keep money in your pockets all year long, but I'm sure it's not just reserved for the south and we could all use some dough in the pocket this year. What's y'all's favorite recipes for this New Year's Day treat?

I like to cook them with a nice smoked ham-hock and 3-4 sliced up jalapeno's. Saute some onion and a some poblanos for some extra pepper without as much heat as the jalapenos in some bacon fat before adding the beans and ham-hocks to the pot and I'm in business.

SWMBO hates black-eyed peas, but makes a mean queso dip with them that I "guess" qualifies as eating them. I'll see if she'll get me her recipe.

Yup, already got the black eye peas and collard greens ready to go.

Figure between a pot of that, and a big ole slab of cornbread, I'll be set.

Our BEP recipe is a little more healthy, although it is a side served with a fresh ham and mashed taters and brown gravy.

Black-eyed peas
julienned carrot
green pepper
red pepper
s&p to taste
white pepper
crushed cayenne pepper
cider or rice vinegar

I love that band :)

Black eyed peas w/bacon

Collards w/smoked ham hock

Cornbread to soak up the pot likker

Homemade chowchow and squash relish

Nap on the couch to aid digestion


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