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Low ABv brew?

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Anybody got a recipe for low abv brewws?  I got at family member that "shouldn't" drink but I usnerstand their desire.  Holy cow, I drink a cedent amount sometimes myself but I can control it so I don't drink all thi time or at least everydya and from when I get up.  My family has a hsitory of it for sure, whose dowesn't?  Soorry for the poor spelling, I'm felling pretty good.   :D

There is a clam to fame that alcohol contribute flavor to the beer.
Flavor threshold is about 3% ABV so you could go as low as 1030 OG.
English Mild or Scottish 60 on low end...

How do the commercial breweries make no alcohol beer (under 1/2%)... do they boil it to vaporize the alcohol after its fermented or what? 

Boy I was getting trashed when I wrote that... I don't get that way much... maybe a couple of times per year.   :-[   ;D

Old fashioned method - vacuum boiled. low pressure drops the boil temp.

New fashioned method - close filtering

Okay, I'm with you on pulling a vacuum, what about any bacteria leftover in the wort?  I thought we hit 212* to sterilize as well as hold it condensing to a higher SG.  (not forgetting hop utilization)

Close filtering, I've heard of it but what is it in a nutshell?


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