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Stone Double Bastard

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I had this beer last night for our New Year's Eve dinner and have to say that I was disappointed.

Do I have to age this beer first? I know it's 10% ABV, but do these 10% have to come with such a harsh and bitter taste? The aroma was also very dominated by alcohol.


I would think that beer could use some aging.

Have you tried Stone IPA or their Ruination?
Both very hoppy, I'm wondering how you perceive the bitterness in those?

The chinook hops in their beers are up front and center. The bitterness is arrogant.  ;D

I am not a huge chinnook fan when it comes to IPA's, but then again I'm an East Coast guy.

Don't get me wrong...I really like the Stone beers, but I prefer the Centennial and Cascade blend in my IPA's.

I guess that beer was just not for me.


you're not alone - I'ma  big fan of Stone, but I thought the Double Bastard was terrible.  I'm not a huge Arrogant Bastard fan though either, so I guess I shouldn't have expected to like the 2X.


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