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so i have your basic brew stuff but looking to buy some add ons to my kit i bought a home brew bottling deluxe from more  what are some add ons you would reccomend to purchase

That kit looks like it should give you a pretty good start.  Assuming you have the basics like sanitation and process down pat, probably the most important thing to work on as a next step is fermentation temperature control.  Like someone (can't remember who) always says, "boiling, hopping, etc is just putting together the ingredients but fermentation is what actually makes the beer".  Or something like that anyways.  Most folks starting out allow the temps during fermentation to get too high so working on doing something about it would be the best bang for the buck.

right on cool man thank you well i brew in a room undermy stairs minus the boiling haha it stays a  pretty constant temp between 50-and 65 but i will look into something wish i could get a shed

+1 on the previous comments.  Once you have the basics down, temperature control is a good step.  I think the biggest jump in the overall quality of the beers I brew came when I got fermentation temperatures under good control.  Another good area to address is assuring you're pitching good healthy yeast in sufficient quantities - the Mr. Malty webpage is a big help in this regard.

Not sure what you have, but I highly recommend carboys (Better Bottle or Glass) and a good wort chiller.


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