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1/2 barrel to boiling pot conversion

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will the cut wheel on the angle grinder make to many sparks and pit the inside of the container.  or should i do something like drill a small hole in the top of the keg and fill it with water so the sparks dont hit the sides.  help.

A grinders sparks won't hurt your keg. You are fine

I've been through this twice. I actually used a sawsall to cut it open, but then did some finishing cuts with the angle grinder. I would recommend going slow and using cutting oil if you use the sawsall method that I did. Good luck.

The welding shop only wanted $10/keg for a plasma cut.
Couple bucks more and they tacked on three stainless washers to the cutout so I can use it as a lid.

It's more than worth $10 bucks to have someone else do it.


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