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really stupid question....

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a complete home brew virgin, i bought this fermentation bucket as part of a starter kit...

and these are the instructions...

am i being stupid or is the fact that it completely airtight with no fermentation lock not a problem?

where does the co2 go?

apologies if this is a really basic question, maybe i am missing something!

any advice very welcome...


That is not a stupid question.  Is there a hole in the lid where you can put an airlock?  That's my only guess.  You should e-mail or call the seller (or manufacturer) and ask them where the airlock fits.  I also think it's a bit off that you don't boil the wort.  I know you don't have to, but there are advantages to boiling it.  You're off to a good start!  Good eye!  Keep it up.

If there is no place to put an airlock, just put the lid on loosely and you should be fine the CO2 will find their way out.

No stupid questions here; welcome to what will likely be your new obsession, er, hobby!
Looking at the pictures and description, I'm wondering if there is a gasket under the bucket lid.  If not, it's likely not air/co2 tight and will easily dispel the built up pressure.  If there is a gasket, boulderbrewer is right on the money with the advice to just loosely affix the lid.
Good luck and have fun!

Just buy a small grommet and an airlock.
Use a drillbit to make your hole, insert grommet into hole, airlock into grommet and you're all set.


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