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really stupid question....

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thanks for the advice. have decided to go with the manufacturer on this one and invest in a carboy for the next batch...

Jeff Renner:

--- Quote from: kuroshio2 on January 04, 2010, 10:45:42 AM ---invest in a carboy for the next batch...

--- End quote ---

Be very careful with glass carboys.  Over the years there have been reports of trips to the ER with severed arteries and tendons, and in the newest (I think) Zymurgy, a horror story about a brewer who nearly cut his hand off!  It was actually flipped back on his wrist.  [Shudder]

I've broken a few over the years with nothing lost but beer, but they still scare me.  I have an orange handle on the neck, but never lift by that alone, and keep them in plastic milk crates except when I have to take them out to rinse them after cleaning.

Jeff's advice on careful handling of glass carboys is a good word of caution.  My horror story only involved a few stitches, around 500 bucks in copays, and a finger thats still a little numb a few years later.  I stopped using glass carboys (she who must be obeyed banned them from the house actually) after my incident, and I haven't missed them much.  I still dream about a 14 gallon conical one day....

Although I didn't have as bad a carboy experience as Karl, I did break 3 of them and lost gallons of double decocted pils.  That was the last time I used a's either buckets or cornies for fermentation now.  After using buckets for several years and maybe 100+ batches, I've found absolutely no downsides to them.  In fact, I fInd them easier to clean and store than carboys.


--- Quote from: denny on January 06, 2010, 04:30:42 PM ---...That was the last time I used a carboy...
--- End quote ---

And decocted a beer ;)

I have started switching to buckets as well. I just want to see if it makes my process easier or more enjoyable. I even cut a large hole into the lid onto which I place a sanitized glass pot lid. That allows me to see the Kraeusen since I do still like to see the beer fermenting.



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