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Just wondered if anyone else had issues with these things dissolving? I used for the first time yesterday and added the capsule 10 minutes before the end of the boil as per the instructions. Lo and behold 10 minutes later the damn thing was still intact and holding all of its goodies inside the capsule. I ended up removing and breaking the capsule up myself!

Mine always dissolved. FWIW Servomyces is a huge waste of money. It is a way for you to use yeast nutrients while still sticking to the Reinheitsghebot. Basically it is yeast infused with zinc. I personally rarely use any nutrient except for my starters but when I do I use the Wyeast nutrient - it has zinc and yeast hulls, etc. but is only a fraction of the cost of servo.

When I used it I would open the capsule and dump it in the wort at 10 minutes before end of boil. Like Major, though, I prefer the Wyeast nutrient for cost effectiveness; it works just as well.

A very cheap approach is to buy zinc suppliment tablets.  One half a tablet for a 10 gallon batch is at the ppm level that was given in the BYO yeast article this past summer. 

Dave Houseman said that you could use zinc tablets in place of Servomyces at the NHC in '07, so it is not my idea.  I have been doing it since, after the pack of Servomyces ran out.

Yea those darn things don't dissolve well at all, as I remember just breaking them up before tossing them in wort. I liked it better when it came in the brewery bricks. I'm with hopfenundmalz... buy zinc tablets, Epsom salt &/or DAP.  :) 


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