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has anyone done one? do i really just let my yeast ferment at ale tempps?

On the low low side of ale temps around 60  or 62 :)

Yeah they are pretty good beers ::)

I just racked my steam beer into a secondary this past weekend. This is probably my 6th batch of this recipe and I have always used the White Lab San Fran yeast. They recommend 58-65 degrees. I ferment at 62 as I do with my ales and it seems to always come out well. My recipe have always scored well in competition. I think you get the fruity esters above 65 degrees. I really love this style of beer. I should stop on the way home for a six-pack of Anchor Steam!

Mind sharing your recipe?  I'v been looking to try a steam beer and my basement is perfect for low temp fermentation this time of year, my current batches are fermenting at 61-62 degrees F.  Yeah it takes a little longer but I feel it makes a superior beer.


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