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Hi everyone!

Be sure to post a profile for your club in the new AHA Club Resources site (  There are a few profiles already posted.  Look those over to see how the profiles look and then edit the page and add your club name under the correct state or country by typing [[YourClubNameHere]].  Save the edits and then click on the [YourClubNameHere] link and create the Your Club Name Here profile page.  Detailed instructions are on the site.

Each week the AHA will pull a club profile from this site to highlight on the front page of our new web site,

Tell us what your club is doing!


seems to be broken at the moment, if my experience and other people's comments are valid.


The Club Resources is now fixed to allow registered users to post new pages.  There had been a security setting that did not get switched over when the site went live that was preventing anyone who was not an Admin from creating new pages.

Sorry for the confusion.  Glad the comments in the wiki worked so we could figure out that there was a problem!


Perhaps there should be a 'other' category since I live neither in the US nor in any of the countries listed.

The club resource page is down. It's saying "Bandwith exceeded for the month.


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