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Flavor of Fat Tire/2 Below, Which Malt?

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I bought some New Belgium 2 Below awhile back and loved it.  Then I had a Fat Tire (my first) and it tasted like a slightly weaker version of the 2 Below.  Both beers have what I think is a distinctive chocolate flavor to them.  I read where Fat Tire is brewed with Munich and Victory malt though, no chocolate.  Is the flavor I'm getting coming from the Munich malt?  I haven't used much of it, and not in a Belgian ale.

I am not sure of the malts. I do agree with you that it is a very similar
base beer between FatTire and -2 below.  I love the Dry Hop Flavors in
the -2 below.
To quote from the NB web site "Fat Tire won fans with its sense of balance: toasty,
 biscuit-like malt flavors coasting in equilibrium with hoppy freshness."

There is a clue there...use bisquit-like malt

I had some fat tire and I personally didn't like the biscuit flavor combined with the chocolate... thats just me though.  At first I thought it was the chocolate but I like other chocolate brews.  Anybody notice chocolate in SABL?

The clone recipe I have for -2 calls for
9.5# Pale malt
2.25# Caramel/Crystal 40L
1.13# Victory Malt
.67# Munich Malt

Maybe this is just coming from the Victory malt then.  I didn't get a lot of hops when I first tried the 2 below, its really well balanced.  They are there though, and it makes the 2 below better than the fat tire.


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