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Fermentation stopped short...

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1st batch... 49 hours for fermentation to begin. Lager yeast, pitched at 70ºF, fermenting bucket is at 55ºF now, vigourus fermentation for about 30 hours... now nothing ? Any thoughts? Help?

I'm sure someone will chime in here and tell you that your initial temp was way too high and give better reasons than me.

That said, with a temp that high it may have fermented quickly and be done.  What is the starting & final gravity?

the initial was at 1.040... I have not rechecked...
Hopefully it's not messed up? Thanks

Welcome to the AHA forum.

Lagers are usually pitched and fermented around 50F. Your fermentation is probably about finished now. Take a gravity reading and let us know where you're at. Here's a link to review.

I would pick up a copy of John Palmer's book " How to Brew " or go to his website here for some really good brewing knowledge.

Good Luck!  8)

Yes I have the book... and although it may not seem like it but I read it... Hmm my retention must not be where it used to be.
Anyway, I'll check the gravity and post it later.
I was leary of starting with a lager. The recipe/ingredients I used claim that it can be brewed as an ale with favorable results ?
I do not have the list with me.
Thanks for your help,


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