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It is time to start dreaming up the next brew. I have recently aquired a small fridge that I can use to control temps and make lagers. It has enough room to hold one of my eight gallon buckets,and I typically brew eleven gallons at a time.

So my question is... What kind of beer would be good to brew that I could split between an Ale, and a lager? (Same wort, different yeasts split into two batches.) At this point I am thinking on another Double Red type beer, but I have been brewing a lot of them lately. I wouldnt mind trying some sort of bock, but am not sure if the ale side of the fermentation would be appropriate.

Also are there any dry lager yeasts that would be acceptable for either a red or a bock?

Hey, Grant, you could do a bock and maybe an alt, although you might have to make some hop compromises with one or the other.  As to dry yeasts, the only one I'd recommend is S-189.  Nobody here in Eugene is gonna have that, though.  You can order it from or I think I've got some spare.  Shoot me an email.

With  only one burner and one keggle at the moment, the only hop compromises would most likely be in the dry hopping. If that would lead toward a hoppy, malty brown ale. I might start thinking on those lines. I will shoot you an e mail Denny.


A bock is generally a lot less hoppy than an alt, so that's what I was getting at.  But it's probably possible to get them to converge somewhere in the middle so that neither is too far off.

Thanks Denny, Maybe I will look at your Milo recipe, and play with the hops a lil. My wife likes less hoppy beers than I do, so I like your idea of balancing between the two styles. What the heck, it'll still be beer.


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