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I'm going to be brewing a bunch of lagers in the next several weeks.  I am going to be ordering a few pounds from, and I want to get a versatile hop for use in everything from Helles to Dopplebock.  What do you guys think?

Mt. Hood for me.


--- Quote from: denny on January 04, 2010, 06:02:10 PM ---Mt. Hood for me.

--- End quote ---

Are you just showing your Oregonian pride Denny?   ;)

I will be atop said mountain next week for some snowboarding...can't wait!!!

Maybe a bit, but at least partially because since they're grown around here I can always get really fresh ones.

You be careful on that mountain, dude!

Definitely Mt. Hood. 

But, hopsdirect does have US Hallertau, US Tettnang and GR Hersbrucker and GR Tradition available.

I've not used the US Hall before, but have used all the rest - they are great hops - I might even like the US Tett better than GR Tett simple from a freshness perspective...


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