Author Topic: Cincinnati-Celebrate Mead Day With The Cincinnati Malt Infusers  (Read 6008 times)

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The Cincinnati Malt Infusers August Brew Tour Stop will celebrate AHA Mead Day will be hosted by the Cincinnati Malt Infusers own Tom Wehner at his homebrew supply shop Table Top Brewing! Please bring your equipment if you are brewing, plus a side dish and some homebrew or mead. If you don't have any homebrew or mead ready to go, craft beer is an acceptable substitute. We will be joined by our friends from the BBL for this brewout.

Cincinnati Malt Infuser Dave Lear will be conducting a  Mead making demonstration and help new mead makers participating in this brew out! Dave Lear is dedicated mead maker and homebrewer, with more than 16 years of brewing experience. Dave also became a beekeeper years ago to help cultiviate his own honey, which he will be using for this demonstration. Dave is knowledgable in all things mead, so DON'T this miss this chance to learn something more!

Tom has promised to have the best Brats and Metts in the city being grilled up for us! Come on out and join the fun!

For more information on AHA Mead Day recipes, please visit: http://www.homebrewersasso​​ead-day/recipes

For more information on the Cincinnati Malt Infusers homebrew club, please go to You can also add us on Facebook at or follow us on Twitter at

For more information on Table Top Brewing Homebrew Supply Shop, please go to

Table Top Brewing is located at: 4312 Harrison Avenue Cincinnati, Ohio 45211
For directions, click:,+Ohio+45211&hl=en&sll=39.162287,-84.624535&sspn=0.009999,0.01929&mra=ls&z=16

Further further information or directions, please contact Tom at brewmaster@tabletopbrewing​.com or call him at 513-330-8806