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Nice find


Was getting ready to bottle today, first time in the new house and was going through the taped up boxes that I was under the assumption contained my bottles.  Well, it did, in addition to 5 RyePAs that I brewed almost 3 years ago today and which I didn't realize I had.  Guess I have some homebrews to drink while bottling today after all.  They still taste pretty good.  No real hop aroma left and they're showing their age a bit but still a really nice brew to enjoy while doing homebrewing activities  ;D

 8)  Thats cool, wish that would happen to me at least once in a while but since I keg almost everything now I never find anything leftover.   ::)  :D  I do need to make a few batches ahead again so I don't get caught in another dry spell. 

Jeff Renner:
I seldom bottle, but I do for strong beers, and I always put away a sixer for tasting over the next few years.  It is a good way to educate yourself on what happens to beer as it ages in bottles.

I found some Porter I brewed 10+ years earlier when I got back into brewing again.
A bit oxidized but certainly drinkable.
It was my first all grain brew as well.


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