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dry hop time and taste?

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I dry hopped in the keg with an ounce of fuggles pellets
It tasted pretty good before the dry hop
I know the hops need to sit in there for at least
a few days. But I had to try a sample the next day.
It tastes pretty awful. Is that kind of a standard thing for
dry hopped beers? I will give it some more time but I am really tempted to
get those hops out of that keg

8 lbs maris otter
8 oz. crystal 10L
0.5 oz northern brewer 10.6 aa @ 60 min
2 oz kent goldings 4.5% aa @ 30 min
1.5 oz kent goldings @ 1 min
1 oz fuggles dry hop in keg

AFAIAC, that's what you get with Fuggle dry hops.  My personal experience and tastes tell me to avoid Fuggles as dry hops.

Lesson learned
if you use a hop for it's aromatic qualities
you should probably smell them first

I took them out.

also avoid Saaz


--- Quote from: stout_fan on January 05, 2010, 05:40:14 PM ---also avoid Saaz

--- End quote ---



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