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Wabash Mountain Farm (Rick and Linda's place) is west of Purdue campus about five miles.  Email for address and directions. 

Family friendly, camping is free/available if you bring a tent or camper, campfires allowed, primitive facilities, coffee in the morning.  We'll have some fresh cucumber salad and roasted Wabash Mountain Farm chickens in the afternoon.  Feel free to bring snacks, dishes, and/or beverages to share.

For the beverage management activities we'll be inside, on the lower level.  Cool and comfortable.   Pool table.  From noon to whenever we stop, there will be several batches of mead handled, transferred, kegged, and one batch (at least) created.

Come around the back and you'll find your way in.  (Do *not* go to the front door and ring the bell.  Nobody will know.)  Bring a floaty device and check out the pond.  (And bring dry clothing too, maybe a towel.)  The pond is pretty new, bottom is soft, but it's fun.  The ducks won't like it, but they get it most of the time so they'll just have to learn to share. 

PS we have baby goats too!  Cute overload, seriously.
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I want to come see the goats!

Actually, I need to get more Warren Piece honey next time. It took about three years, but I just finished that pint you gave me. So freaking good.
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