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What to do with a 40gal SS kettle?

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I acquired a 40 gallon SS steam jacketed kettle that I intended to use as a boil kettle or mash tun.  However, I am having a hard time figuring out how to heat it.  It came out of a commercial kitchen that had used a steam generator to heat it.  I don’t have a steam generator and using fire to heat it doesn’t work that well.

It is a beautiful piece of equipment; all stainless with a tilting mechanism and 2” valve in the bottom of the kettle.  It has a lid that fits really nice, though there is no seal on it.

Does anyone have a suggestion on how to use it?  If I can’t figure out a good use for it I am afraid I am going to have to let it go.  It is a monster to be sitting in my garage not getting used.

It might make a nice fermenter.  Maybe you could rig up some way to pump refrigerated water or glycol through the jacket for temperature control.

Our club- Crescent City Homebrewers- has a subcell called 6 guys brewing who acquired the same setup and connected the burner to  NG but after awhile gave it away as too big for them...for a single brewer I know NOT what u could do with your nearest brewclub OR Lion's Club/VFW etc who can make gumbo/chili etc at the community festival and donate it or sell it on's big benefit of tilting would not help as a fermenter
  FWIW they also had a 50G SS fermenter ringed with a freon coil but when the center was only cool the rim was forming ice so iot went too...too big a footprint

It might make an interesting mashtun. Pump 165 F water thru the steam jacket until it gets near mash temp then back it off as it reaches equilibrium where you want it.

You guys are so one track oriented....

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