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one of the things where you actually clap your hands in enjoyment


my grandfather recently passed away at 94 years cant complain with that.  He was a homebrewer and he brewed alot well unfortunalty all his equipment was rusted out or nasty except for three old barrells one oak, one applewood, and one hickory. He obviously used them for something possibly fermenting.  Any way what have you come across your travels that made you really excited to go use it someway in your brewing

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Jeff Renner:
Not an answer to your question, but check out the current thread on solera ales for an idea of what to do with those barrels.  You'll want to soak them to make sure the staves swell up and it's watertight, and then do what you can to disinfect it, such as burning a sulfur candle in it, but you might have a nice project.



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