Author Topic: 17th Commander SAAZ Interplanetary Homebrew Blastoff!  (Read 2541 times)

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17th Commander SAAZ Interplanetary Homebrew Blastoff!
« on: August 12, 2011, 10:55:10 AM »
17th Commander SAAZ Interplanetary Homebrew Blastoff!
Have your beer judged by Rocket Scientists!

Spacecoast Associates for the Advancement of Zymurgy will be hosting our 17th annual Commander SAAZ Interplanetary Homebrew Blastoff. An AHA/BJCP sanctioned competition.

The entry window opens on August 29th and slams shut on September 25th. 

Winners receive not only intergalactic recognition but the coveted Commander SAAZ Medal and a fabulous prize from one of our generous sponsors. The best of show beer and mead/cider winners will also be awarded the Commander’s Cosmic Trophy and the acclaim of the known brewing universe. Whoever sends the Commander into orbit with their Rocket Fuel (10% abv and above) will also receive the coveted Rocket trophy!!!
So, all you mild mannered homebrewers out there get your kettles boiling and unearth those bottles you’ve got stashed in the back of the fridge!  Engineers, rocket scientists, and other cosmic creatures are ready and waiting to judge your brew.

Judging will be based on the 2008 BJCP Style Guideline revisions. Most judges will be BJCP certified and any novice judges will be paired with experienced BJCP judges. Our goal is to provide the best feedback possible for your entry. The competition is open only to amateur brewers; commercial or brew-on-premise beers will be disqualified.  Only two entries per style subcategory for categories 1 -19. There is no entry limit on categories 20-26. This competition will NOT accept entries using AHA paper entry forms and bottle labels; you must use the electronic entry system, which automatically updates the competition database.

For more information please see or email