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I have almost ALL my equipment for my all grain (Going cheap, cause I'm poor). I need to know what works best with food grade buckets. Styrofoam, Blankets, or sleeping bags? I don't want it to be cumbersome though...any suggestions?



Try blankets and/or sleeping bags first. I assume that this is what you have at home and that you would have to buy styrofoam. I cover my mash kettle with blankets for the rests. I also suggest going with a thinner (1.5-2.0 qt/lb) mash since that will increase the amount of water in the mash and with it its ability to hold the temperature. Aside from that, thin mashes are also easier to work with.


Eldon, when you're ready to move up from buckets, check out my Cheap'n'Easy system.  It' and easy!   ;D

+1 to the cheap and easy method, if all you have left to get is a mash tun you can be on your way for 40 bucks or less.

+2, although I wasn't aware of Denny's site until after I started brewing from grain.

OP, keep in mind that in the long run, "cheaping out" on equipment can be more expensive, when you have to replace something that works, but not as well as you'd hoped for.

That said, when I built my first mash tun, I found an Igloo cooler on clearance at Wally World for about $15. Another $10 in parts, and I had a really functional mash tun that I still use today.

Of course, I just HAD to build a version 2 mash tun. The MashTun1.0 still works great, though.


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