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Cornies as fermenters?

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What are the benefits of using a cornie for fermentation? 

I'm a little interested but need something to push me over the edge to do it.

What about volume and headspace for the krauzen?  Trub etc?  The dipstick (Johnny!) seems like it would suck a lot of trub and clog or don't you use the dip tube while fermenting? 

Small footprint, no light exposure of the beer and unbreakable are the biggies for me.  You can do 4-4.5 gal. in a 5 gal. corny using Fermcap.  I have 10 gal. cornies that I use for fermenting.

I agree with Denny! I like to split batches and try different yeasts, etc., so it works for me. I love being able to transfer with CO2, etc. I only get about 4+ gallons per corny. I have some 10 gallon cornies, but they just don't fit in my fermentation fridge and would be a bugger to get down the 100 year old stairs into the basement. Although I am thinking about trying some "slim" 1/4 kegs. They are 7.75 gallons and the same height as a regular 1/2 barrel keg.

I have an extra diptube that has been cut 1" shorter that I use for transferring. I also just got some thermowells made from diptubes that work great.

I to use 10 gallon cornies for my fermenter. I cut the dip tubes to keep from pulling the sediment off the bottom. I ferment and then transfer the beer to a 5 gallon cornie. I brew 5.5 or 6 gallon batches and they are perfect to move to a serving cornie. I will never go back to carboys. The 10 gallons are expensive but well worth the investment. You can ferment in them or use them are serving kegs. I even store water in them when I am not fermenting.

I've been doing ten gallon batches in a 15 gallon corny keg for the last 9 months or so.  All the pluses previously mentioned apply.  The only downside is weight.  So I put some casters on my chest freezer and roll it over to the brew stand to pump the wort from the BK.  I had to put a 12" collar on my chest freezer to accommodate it. 


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