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I just got a preasure canner! woohoo! gonna order 25 lbs of tomatoes while they are good and can them whole! What else? I like canned peaches but my wife doesn't gonna can starter wort. beans maybe? having canned black beans and refried would make life easier. Salsa would be cool but I can't imagine you can get it to stay really fresh tasting.

how bout y'all?

I usually can tomatoes, peppers, string beans, salsa, etc... I still have tomatoes leftover from last year, so I didn't can tomatoes, but I pickled jalapeno peppers, hot cherry peppers and sweet cherry peppers. Plus I made some scotch bonnet pepper sauce. It's going to be a warm winter in my house this year.  ;D

Great! I haven't done any canning per se but do have the mason jars and two pressure cookers. Not sure exactly how to do it. You must document pictorally... :D

One word --  Chow-chow  (Ok, maybe that's two words :) )


--- Quote from: hokerer on August 22, 2011, 11:00:56 AM ---One word --  Chow-chow  (Ok, maybe that's two words :) )

--- End quote ---

You an Arkansas boy?


I need to get my cucumbers started a-pickeling. I hope it's not too late and they've got thick skins. I'll eat them anyway.


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