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5.2 pH Stabilizer

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I would like some feedback on the use 5.2 pH Stabilizer. Any opinions one way or another would be appreciated.

If your mash pH is already close, it will probably nudge it those last couple points. But if your mash pH is already close, it's likely because you're treating your water in one way or another anyway. That makes the 5.2 product pretty superfluous IMHO.

I'm going to try some soon, I bought a 4 oz. tub recently.  I've got well water and the pH has been high when I checked the mash on light colored beer.  Denny said it doesn't always work so thats why I only bought a small tub of it to try first.

Ditto. Get your local water report. Ask for the levels of calcium, magnesium, sodium, alkalinity/carbonates, sulfate, chloride, and chlorine/chloramine. Get John Palmer's book How To Brew. He explains mash pH very well. You can check it out online at .

I have very soft and low alkalinity water, so when I make dark beers the mash pH is too acidic. A friend gave me some pH 5.2 to try and it didn't do anything even at 3 times the recommended amount.

I was going to send a bottle out to Ward Labs last month... but I procrastinated.  I'm pretty good at procrastinating on things like that.   :D  I need to send a bottle out... or maybe I should... maybe I just need to make what works with the water I have though... hmmmm.   :D


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