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Deschutes The Abyss
« on: August 24, 2011, 04:11:33 AM »
Ok... So this is my favorite beer ever, and for a very long time I have been wanting to somehow emulate this beer.

Given the complexity of processes and ingredients that seem to go into making it, Im sure it would be next to impossible to actually clone.

Here's what Deschutes has to say about it:

Recipe type: All grain
Batch size: 5 U.S. gallons
Original gravity:   1.100
Final gravity: 1.018
Boil time: 90 minutes
Fermentation temp: 65° F
Yeast type: English Ale

MALT - NW 2-row Pale Malt, Black malt & black barley, C-120 & C-60
Malted Wheat, Roasted Barley, Victory or biscuit malt

HOPS - Millennium, Chinook

**Note: Temps, times and weights are the challenge. Happy Brewing!"

So here's what Ive come up with so far for a 5-gallon batch...

13 lbs - 2-Row Base (69.3%)
1 lbs - Crystal 60L (5.3%)
0.5 lbs - Crystal 120L (2.7%)
1 lbs - Wheat Malt (5.3%)
0.75 lbs - Roasted Barley (4%)
0.5 lbs - Black Patent (2.7%)
1.5 lbs Victory Malt (8%)
0.5 lbs Molasses (2.7%) In Boil

(Gives me a calculated finished-beer color of about 50L in Brew Pal)

Boil Time - 90min

   1oz Millennium (13%AA)@ 60min
   1oz Chinook (11.8%AA) @ 45min
   0.5oz Millenium @ 30min
   0.5oz Chinook @ 15min
   0.25oz Licorice Root @ 10min
(Approx. 67 IBU's calculated) 

Fermentation @ 65F with WLP007

This beer was originally a blend of a molasses stout with a licorice stout. Plus, they also do a myriad of barrel aging and blending of different oaks, as well as "dry-hopping" with Vanilla beans and Cherry bark... So that would be the harder part to emulate im sure!
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