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Can I save this beer?


Hi all,

I'm a reasonably experienced homebrewer but have never been good at correcting my own mistakes.  I mashed a 10 gallon batch of Denny's Rye IPA at too high a temperature (actually, my sacc rest was too short and I attempted a mashout too soon).  The fermentation has stopped at 1.030.  I tried rousing the yeast and warming it up, but I'm afraid the poor yeast have done all they can do.  Should I dump it?

There are a few things you could try.

Take a sample and mix  pre-determined amounts of beer with water

When it gets to tasting good try watering down a gallon and force carbing it.
If that is good then do the whole batch.

Pre boiled/cooled water of course

I had this happen with a Wee Heavy and 90/- parti-gyle.
Used my HLT as an electric mash tun and forgot about the high set point (moron I know)

The Wee Heavy I soured and will know in a year if its any good.

The 90/- is going to be an 80/- this weekend :D


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