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The Nostradamus Effect, 2012, Armageddon?

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Anybody watching The History channel this week?  Most of the shows are from a few years ago but they're interesting.  I have to ask the same question one of the critic's asked... Why is it they can only interpret his writings "after" something historical happens?

Very interesting studies, hypothesis and historical recordings about the center of the galaxy and planetary alignment.  Things might get a little dicey eh?   8)  I'm not sure about the Bible Code thing... another critic has been able to use it in the book Moby Dick and get very similar results.   ::)

yeah, I've been watching.  Its entertaining to say the least.  But its a hoax.  It sells movies, books, and TV advertising.

check this link out: http://www.nasa.gov/topics/earth/features/2012.html

the funniest thing is the whole premise is that the Mayan calendar ends.  well, technically so does the 2010 calendar on my wall.  but at the end of 2010, I buy a new one ;).  The Mayan calendar ends an era, after which a new one starts, but it doesn't mean the world is over...

and as was pointed out, Nostradamians always link his prophecies after they happened...which is easy because they are so vaguely written, any interpretation can be 'right' - is easy to connect dots when you've seen the final picture.

 I'll still watch the movie when it hits NetFlix though...

I'm pretty sure I'll die someday.

Maybe King Solomon's Temple might begin being rebuilt in Jerusalem on 12/21/2012.   I haven't decided yet, need more facts.   :-\  :D

The Professor:
I've watched a few of these shows and while the information is certainly a crock of shrit, they do have some kind of goofy entertainment value (at least in small doses).  Just to hear the voiceover narrator guys reading this nonsense with such conviction and seriousness is a testament to their skills even if the subject matter sounds like self parody.

I do wonder, however, when exactly the once decent History Channel became the Speculation and Hoax Channel.  And in recent weeks, it has also feature an awful lot of quasi-religious tripe. 
Watching a glass primary fermenter on the first day after pitching is far more interesting.

What we really need is a Three Stooges  and/or Laurel & Hardy Channel.


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