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hydromel semi-sweet mead

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I'm currently fermenting my 1st mead ever.  After one week my fermentation got stuck, so I racked to secondary and added more energizer and yeast nutrient.  I'm using wyeast sweat mead yeast.  Ever since racking it has been fermenting away.  It has been 2 months now and is still showing signs of fermentation.  What is the time table for a semi-sweet hydromel mead.  I was thinking that it should have been done by now. 

It will be done when it's done as long as it's not stuck.  That said, the mead's I have done have finished in 2-4 weeks with primary fermentation (though my temps may have been too high).

What was your OG, current FG, yeast pitched and nutrient schedule?

Check the attenuation percentages against the expected/desired and taste a sample. If you like the flavor, then its done. Add acid, preservatives (if desired) & bottle.  ;)   

OG was 1.047  gravity when it was stuck was 1.034. I'm going to check the gravity again this weekend and see where it is at.  Look at it a minute ago and it has really started to clear up nicely and fermentation has really slowed down so, I think I will give it another week or 2 and bottle.  I've thought about making this a sparkling, but not sure about the amount of priming sugar to use for a mead.  Think I might just play it safe and just leave it as a still since its my first one. 

What was your recipe?  That seems like a pretty low OG for a mead.


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