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Pacman Yeast for a quick turnaround

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I know some yeasts are better than others at a quick turnaround. My question is this: is Pacman a suitable yeast for a quick turnaround? I'm talking grain to glass in 10 days with a 1.050 brown ale.

My other options are Wyeast 1318 and WLP029.

It's like betting on a horse race, but I'd bet Pacman would be faster than the other 2.

WLP007.  Pitch at 66F, free rise to 69F.  That thing will easily be done in 3 days and it is a strong flocculator and attenuator so it will drop clear pretty easily and attenuate to 75-80%.  I like to crash cool mine to get it to drop out a little quicker.

I vote for Pacman as well.  The times I've used that it's been a beast and chomped through the brews in short order.

I know you did not list it but could you get WL090?  Would be perfect here


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