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Hey everybody,
     I'm going to California at the end of February and I'm super stoked about the breweries there.  My triangle will be Redlands-Redondo Beach-Temecula (not necesarily in that order).  The Bruery looks like my top destination so far, but can you guys give me any lesser known spots to go?  Any help would be appreciated!
If you come to CO, I'll help you back!

Interesting time here in LA. We're still not covered with breweries, but we're awash in places to have great beer.

For instance down in Redondo you've got Naja's.

In Pasadena - Lucky Baldwin's

In Glassel Park - Verdugo Bar

As for breweries, we have a new one that just opened by a friend - Eagle Rock Brewing.

Need more time to think.. there are several spots out east like Hanger 24 Brewing. While you're in the area you need to try Craftsman Brewing, but the brewery itself is not open

+1 on Naja's. I'll have to check out the others next time I'm in the area.  ;)

Thanks for the info! Naja's looks close to my redondo Beach stop and Hangar 24 looks close to my Redlands spot!

What about Lost Abbey and Stone?  Does Escondido count as the LA area with all of the traffic?  Those are 2 breweries I would love to make it to.

I would probably kill or die to do one of those special tasting events at Lost Abbey where they pull samples out of the barrel room.  Sounds like heaven.


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