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Author Topic: Hop Madness 2011  (Read 2482 times)

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Hop Madness 2011
« on: August 09, 2011, 11:47:29 pm »

Hop Madness 2011 is Coming!

We are less then a month away from Hopmadness. The largest gathering of home brewers and home brewing clubs in the Pacific Northwest.

To stay in touch with the latest information, please visit our Website or
Facebook page

What is Hopmadness?

Hopmadness 2011 is a celebration of hops and their role in beer. We’ve had homebrewers from all over, as far away as New York to just down the road. From brewing hop harvest ales, picking fresh hops, to touring hop farms in active harvest, homebrewers can revel in all of the madness that are hops!

We also have a video from a few years ago showing what Hop Madness is like:

When, Where, and How?

The festival/get-together/campout is September 3-4, 2011 from noon to noon at the Rogue Farms Micro Hopyard in Independence, Oregon. Camping will be in the shady, grassy, fenced in area next to the Hop n’ Bed which is right across from the tasting room.


    Prepaid online registration: $10/person or $15/family
    Onsite/day of fest: $13/person or $20/family

The family rate applies only to those who permanently live at the same address.

Judged Competitions
This year there are two competitions. They are:
    Best Damn Hoppy Beer - This one is as simple as it sounds. Make a beer, make it hoppy and make it the best damn beer there and you'll win. There's no style guidelines so your imagination is the limit.[/list]
      Peoples Choice - This beer is chosen by the people. Each Hop Madness participant is given a ticket upon registration and you want them to give you their ticket. The person with the most tickets at the end of the day wins. So set up a table near your campsite with your beer and a bucket for tickets and try to persuade people that you have the best beer there.[/list]

      There will be prizes for the winners of both competitions. For more information check out our competition page.

      What to bring

      Bring your food, chairs, tables, tents, sleeping bags, shade (canopies) and anything else you wish to make your stay enjoyable (homebrew, sodas, etc.).

      Its always nice to bring some snacks to share around the camp.

      It’s tradition… If you are planning to go on the hop tour please bring a homebrew or commercial beer for the hop farmers.


        Hop harvest brewing: Fresh hops and water provided, bring your own brewing equipment.
            Hop tour: A tour of the active hop harvest (2pm on Sat)
            Best Damn Hoppy Beer Contest: Bring your hoppiest damn beer and enter it into the contest.
            Overnight camping: Bring a tent and cover just in case it rains (it is Oregon afterall).
            Hop Olympics: Organize a team of your fellow club members to compete for homebrewer bragging rights.[/list]

        Tentative Agenda
        Saturday September 3rd
        12:00 - Hopmadness Starts, Check-in Open
        1:00 - Hop Bines arrive for picking
        2:00 - Hop Farm Tour
        4:00 - Judging for the Best Damn Hoppy Beer Competition
        5:00 - Best Damn Hoppy Beer and Peoples choice winners announced.  Raffle follows
        6:30 - Hop Olymipcs

        Sunday September 4th
        12:00 - Hopmadness Ends, Check-out and Cleanup

        We are still looking for shops/websites to help sponsor and donate prizes for our competitions. If you can help out with that please email Chris Hummert at


        If you have any questions about the event, please either:

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              Check out our
        FAQ's Page
            Ask via our contact form at
            Visit our Hop Madness Facebook page and ask a question there.[/list]

        We hope to see all of you there and want to make this the best event there is!

        Chris Hummert
        Hop Madness Organizer

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        Re: Hop Madness 2011
        « Reply #1 on: August 27, 2011, 12:08:34 am »
        whoa. this event makes me want to abandon my family and my job to attend. well, not really, but you get my drift...
        if i was single, 10 years younger and brewed back then i would be there in a heartbeat.
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        Re: Hop Madness 2011
        « Reply #2 on: August 27, 2011, 01:11:06 pm »
        Sounds like Woodstock for hops! 
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        Re: Hop Madness 2011
        « Reply #3 on: August 27, 2011, 01:40:31 pm »
        Should be a good time, but it's gotten kinda "corporate" compared to the "old days" of Hop Madness.
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