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Author Topic: WLP 515 Antwerp Ale (DeKoninck)  (Read 3776 times)

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WLP 515 Antwerp Ale (DeKoninck)
« on: September 01, 2011, 05:55:41 am »
I've been experimenting with this strain for about 10 batches and I've had some fantastic results with a variety of European styles.  I know many homebrewers are looking for an ale-temperature fermenting, neutral, lager-like strain besides US05 and Wyeast 1007 and I think this one certainly fits in that category.

This yeast is exceptionally clean at warm temps (65-80) and will not actively ferment below 63.  Pitching below 65 and warming batches into the 80s produces clean beer without esters, fruitiness or other undesirable flavors.  I've made a 25 IBU, single decoction, all Pils batch that tastes as close to a European lager as I've brewed with an ale yeast.  It has fooled some pretty discerning palates and would be a good alternative for mock lagers, festbiers and other malty focused styles.  It attenuates well and I've used it successfully through multiple generations. 

Anyway, I wanted to share my experience with this strain so maybe someone else will feel confident enough to use when using lager yeast is not a viable option.