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Effects of too high starter gravity?


I suspect my last starter gravity was higher than 1.040. It fermented out and grew nicely so I pitched it, but now I am curious about high gravity starters and what effects they have on the yeast / beer. Thanks

Depends on how high.  I think in general if the starter gravity is too high your yeast will be less healthy and you'll likely have less of it.  Just a SWAG....

I agree with Denny on both points. I wouldn't worry too much unless you have reason to believe it was very high - over, let's say, 1.080. For the most part when homebrewers talk pitching rates we're waving our hands to the tune of 20% or more, so unless you want to start doing cell counts there's a lot of leeway in the starter process.

This would be a good Q to pose to Chris and/or Dave. I suspect like others that your resulting cell count decreases with increased gravity, but...  ???


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