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25-point gain in efficiency!

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Happy New Year everybody!  I got a 15-lb barley crusher for Christmas from my wonderful wife.  I had wanted it because I have struggled with my effiiciency, I normally get 60% efficiency using grains crushed by my online supplier.  So I got 85% efficiency on my very first batch with it, awesome!  It turned my SNPA clone into SNIPA, I guess.  I am so stoked!  If anyone out there is debating whether a mill is worth the money, stop wondering and get one!

Crush is a significant factor in efficiency. The better the crush the better the efficiency.

Congrats!! A good mill is a purchase that will never be regretted. Depending on how much you brew and the price you pay in grain, it can pay for itself in a year. Easier to justify buying bulk grain too!!

+1 I have definitely regained the cost of the mill in grain value. Plus it make me feel like a
"Real" brewer having a bunch of grains and specialty to just muck around with. I usually have
what I need and I rarely have to run to the store for anything any more.

 ;D That's awesome!


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