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Simcoe And Amarillo in a Pale Ale?

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Has anyone tried combining Simcoe and Amarillo together in a pale ale?  I was thinking of make one, using simcoe for bittering, then simultaneous additions at 20 min, 5 min, and flameout.  I had to scale down the simcoe to try to keep the IBUs in range for pale ale.  Right now I've got 45 IBUs calculated.  Here's what I was going to try:

9.5 lbs 2-Row
.75 lbs Crystal 40L
.5 oz simcoe 60 min
.5 oz amarillo and .25 oz simcoe at 20 min
.5 oz amarillo and .25 oz simcoe at 5 min
1 oz of each at flameout

 If anyone has tried this combination and has suggestions or advice, I'd appreciate it.

Excellent, I love this hop combo.  I call it Simarillo.

Looks really good to me.

--- Quote from: Podo on January 09, 2010, 06:55:52 PM --- I had to scale down the simcoe to try to keep the IBUs in range for pale ale. 

--- End quote ---

You <could> skip the 60 minute and just use more late to pick up the IBU
this way you could scale up the Simcoe ;)
And start at 15.

Either way, the Simarillo rocks.  Have fun.

Although I haven't tried that exact combo, I don't see why not. The Simcoe will give a smooth, clean bitterness & the Amarillo will give it the fruity, citrus (pommelo, tangelo) character we've all come to crave & love.  ;)

That combo (with an Amarillo dryhop) is my favorite APA recipe so far. In fact, I'm brewing it tomorrow or Monday. Recipe here:

I have 12 gallons in primary right now. Simcoe @ 60 then Amarillo the rest of the way. I have made it before, it turns out fantastic.  If it were up to me, I would skip the flameout, and dryhop instead. Any way you go, it is a great combo imho. Good luck!!


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