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Author Topic: Antioch/Brentwood - The Delta Brewing Club  (Read 2740 times)

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Antioch/Brentwood - The Delta Brewing Club
« on: September 11, 2011, 03:19:28 pm »
The Delta Brewing Club of Antioch, CA will be hosting the AHA's National Learn to Homebrew Day on Saturday November 5th 2011. Whether you're a master brewer or know nothing of the process, you are cordially invited to attend. The event will be held outside so bring clothing appropriate for the weather that day! You will have a chance to learn a variety of brewing methods such as all-grain, extract and partial-extract brewing. Cost is ten dollars per person. Your payment will be applied toward cost of ingredients, propane and other supplies as deemed appropriate or necessary for the event.

WHO: You! (Beer may/will be on premises so you must be 21 years or older)

WHEN: Saturday, November 5th (NOT THE SIXTH) 2011

WHERE: TBD. It will either be in Antioch or Brentwood. Final address available upon RSVP.

WHAT (to bring): You, a guest, $10 per person

SIGN UP: Call Ross at (two-zero-nine) 390-4967 to RSVP and arrange payment.
     OR: Contact The Delta Brewing Club through our website at

Enjoy the fruits of your labor!
If you would like to bring home the beer that you helped brew, you're going to have to wait.
From grain to bottle, it usually takes a minimum of two weeks to complete so you will have to add your name to the list for the batch that you brewed and we will do our best to get a few bottles to you.
A typical five gallon batch results in enough beer to fill 48 12oz bottles.
Depending on attendance we will divide the product evenly among the group.

Note: This event is free for DBC Members. Have you thought about joining our club?
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