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Author Topic: Mile High Monks  (Read 3062 times)

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Mile High Monks
« on: January 09, 2010, 10:24:07 pm »
I thought I would take a moment to shamlessly plug my club.

The Mile High Monks.
Mile High Monks Web Site
Mile High Monks AHA Profile

We gather every third Saturday of the month. We meet at a new location each month, usually sponsored by a
club member. We make it a point to have someone brew at each meeting and usually it is the hosting member
that is brewing. Frequently others bring their equipment and brew a la "Big Brew Day" and much home brewed
beer is shared.

We also have one meeting in the Summer that is hosted by two members that live on the far outskirts of
town. We call it our Hookas and Potatoes party. This meeting is usually a big event as we make it a point
to have plenty of beer on tap (members frequently bring corneys) and we BBQ have a good time and because
there is enough room to accommodate, if anyone is overserved or feels that they may better spend the
night, camping is encouraged. The area available to accomodate the Big Summer Meeting nears 20 acres
so Potato Cannons are brought along with water balloons, occasional swimsuits, cornhole games and any
other summer fun activity. There have been 2 hooka pipes that have made an apearance (and yes regular
tobacco is consumed) in the traditional use of hookas. Also this is the only exception to our "One brewer
must brew at each meeting" rule.

Ruben * Colorado :)