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I am having a vertical tasting today of Bigfoot Barleywine....it is a single year vintage
and is 8 months old...should be prime...vintage 2009.
MMMM good beer...
now I know how my user name relates to beer.... ::)

Nice, I have three different years saved right now. Bigfoot holds a special place in my heart. It was the first craft beer I ever had outside of Guiness and SNPA. Fell in love instantly with hops that fateful weekend.

I buy a sixer every year and store it.  I've stopped keeping it too long though...I find that at 3 years old it sort of goes to pieces and isn't worth the extra year of aging.  At two years, its perfect.  Once I find a sixer of 2010, I may have to raid the cellar for the 2008 vintage.

Doing a vertical tasting of Bigfoot shouldn't span TOO many years, lest it quickly render the vertical taster horizontal.   :)

I'm attending a 12 year vertical Bigfoot tasting later this month.  Fortunately, it's really close to my house!

mmm... Barleywine tasting. Sounds good. I tried the 2008 Bigfoot and it was great. I think I like my recipe better though. Better take a cab Denny.  ;D


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