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so im bottling wednesday pretty excited its my first brew what is somethings i need to make sure about when bottling and priming

Your beer is vulnerable now.
Sanitation: clean everything the beer will come into contact with (well, I guess I don't always boil my caps).
Oxidation: don't walk away to watch the playoffs with the beer exposed to air.

lonnie mac:
Yes... I am assuming that you are using a bottling bucket? You will want to make sure that you transfer very slowly, no splashing what so ever. Then cover your bucket with some foil or a loose lid... I like to add the priming sugar first and rack over it. Then stir VERY gently but make sure you mix it all up very well. I like to stop and gently stir again about every 5 bottles or so to make sure that my priming sugar is evenly distributed in all the bottles that I fill...

Oh and EDIT... Another cool thing to do for first time bottlers is to fill you a couple 12 oz plastic soda bottles too. You can monitor your carbonation levels using these plastic bottles by squeezing them to feel for pressure. This will set your mind at ease weather you are really carbonating or not in your real bottles, and you won't be drinking them way too early!

Patience! The moment it occurs to you to try the beer it must be ready...Wait some more.
And have batch two going asap. It may be just enough to distract you from drinking your beer
 before it is ready.

+1 on Patience.  Walk yourself through the process a few times before you start.  Don't rush - better to go slow and get it right than hurry to beat infection/oxidation and screw it up.  The bottling is slow at first, but you get better at it pretty quickly.  Capping only takes a couple minutes.  I usually fill all the bottles, then do all the capping, but do what works for you.


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