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Our Turn....Cold Snap in Florida...


I say it is our turn because a close friend of mine lives in Tampa...He frequently calls during
one of my blizzards or cold snaps and says, "How you holding up? Cold up there? Wait
hold on I can hear you over the Air Conditioner, let me turn it down..."

We always respond with, "Yeah it's pretty cold but this imperial micro brew is keeping me
nice and warm."  His selection, although growing has been limited to local
micro brew.

It's going to break the 50* mark today...Stay warm Florida, and stay off the ice on the pond. :D ;)

yeah, it was 25df yesterday morning and 40df on the way to work today.  definitely a change of pace. I don't think my fermentation fridge has turned on but once or twice a day the past week!

BTW, your friend should be able to get pretty much any micro he wants in Tampa - they have a great selection nowadays - he may have to look harder though - Total Wine is a must, and there are a few other stores (one is in Dunedin).  Plus there's Cigar City, which is great!

I am sure he has found some, but several years ago it was not as readily available. Now he celebrates getting
some Colorado beers right down the street. I'll definitely pass on the info though, it's always good to have another
store to choose from.


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