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--- Quote from: narvin on January 21, 2013, 08:44:15 AM ---
--- Quote from: tschmidlin on January 21, 2013, 07:39:43 AM ---I was thrilled to see the cheater Belichick lose today, but was disappointed to see the likely murderer Lewis win.  With the evil 9ers in the game in two weeks, I am hoping for a 0-0 tie that goes on for no less than 462 overtimes before the NFL declares the game over with no Lombardi trophy awarded this year.  Screw those guys.

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Well, I'm glad life is so morally unambiguous for you :-P

This old thing again.  I know OJ and all makes true Americans angry, but I'll address this once, and only once.  Ray's "friends" who were on trial were shown to have bought the knives used in the murder.  The "victims" were a group of thugs who started the fight, hit someone over the head with a bottle, and had a gun and fired shots during the fight.  And, most importantly, Ray has never had friends like that since or been involved in an incident.  If you believe that incarceration is a chance at rehabilitation, then you should take a look at this case.

But whatever, it's a game, and it's a game that the Ravens have played very well for the past few weeks.  I am for one enjoying it.

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Well put, it's amazing how many people never followed through the whole story on Ray.  Somewhat funny Tom should be calling anyone a cheat- what with Pete Carroll at the helm, players suspended for ped's and that 12th man they need to win. ::)

Happy to see a Delaware player (Joe Flacco) get a chance to play in a SB. He has certainly earned it. I'd like to see the Ravens win this one.

There is absolutely nothing about the 12th Man that is cheating, unless you consider it cheating that we love our team more than you guys.


--- Quote from: garc_mall on January 21, 2013, 06:05:31 PM ---There is absolutely nothing about the 12th Man that is cheating, unless you consider it cheating that we love our team more than you guys.

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That is one thing about being a season ticket holder for the Patriots that bothers me somewhat.  Our crowd noise isn't anything great.  We have our moments and can get loud but never sustain it. 

But never believe that we fans don't love our sports teams more than you.

Now when the pump fan noise through the PA system, that's should be considered cheating.

As a season ticket holder for the Seahawks, I know that we don't pump in noise. 3/4 of the noise is just straight up loud and disciplined fans. The other 1/4 is the fact that the stadium design focuses fan noise down on the field (to make up for the lack of a roof). We are LOUD. That is the reason the Seahawks have the best Home Field advantage in the NFL.


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