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Guys as a new brewer I was wondering if any of ya'll would be interested in posting a few of your favorite Hi gravity recipes.   I know recipes are easy to come by, but many times you wonder if you're taking a chance on who's posting  ( sometimes you never see them post anything else but recipes) or they may not give any feedback of how it turned out or if it was any good.  I'd appreciate it as a new brewer.  And so would the wife as those are her favorite.

Thanks in advance.


Jim, define "high gravity".....

Narrowing it down to a broad style category or country of origin would help too. You can brew a "high gravity" anything, but if you had a Belgian Quad in mind, an American Barleywine recipe might not be helpful.

And I assume you're looking for extract recipes? Is a mini-mash an option? IME it can really help with attenuation on big beers.

Samichlaus comes to mind as the "Worlds strongest Lager". I haven't tried it, but it's on the list. Also Dogfish Head 240, which is very hard to find.

High gravity is a relative term. Depends on your definition.

Based on what Jim told me in a PM, he isn't looking for any particular style.  He just likes hi grav brews and is looking for some tried and tested recipes.  But I don't know if he wants extract, PM, of AG recipes.


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