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Hop Price Question (Pellet vs Leaf)

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I'm looking thru the prices on Hopsdirect and it seems like all the pellets are a few dollars cheaper thean the leaf.  Why is that?  I would think the extra processing would increase the price.

Maybe they're from the previous year?

That's what I thought but according to a blurp on the side of the hops page:

"New U.S. crop pelleted hops are good to go...however, remember imported hops are still from 2008. "

For example:
Mt Hood Leaf: $13.00
Mt Hood Pellets: $10.75

I assume "Domestic Vvariety" = "U.S."

just a theory, but I always get ~20oz per pound of leaf, whereas pellet has always been exactly 16oz.  

Just sayin...

also, I believe the pellet loses some AA due to processing, could that be a factor?

Perhaps it compensates for the cost of storage space. ???


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