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Howdy All,

I've been aging a sour for almost a year and am getting ready to think about bottling it with the old Cork & Cage get up.  My question is can this be achieved with most of the floor corkers out there or are there some specific models I should be looking at getting my hands on.  I know I can rent one from the LHBS, and I'm pretty sure that someone in my Hombrew Club has one; I just want to make sure the one I get can do this style of cork!


Put a standard  carboy stopper on the plunger so it doesn't push the cork all the way in.  This will leave about 1/2 inch of the cork sticking out for the cage to rest on.  as the bottle carbonates the cork get pushed out creating the mushroom shape.
Make sure your bottles and stoppers are compatible-Belgian bottles take bigger corks.

I have seen a web page recommending the Collona style corker, a bench top red plastic unit, for corking belgians.   I have not tried it, but this is an affordable corker availiable at many home brew suppliers.  See this link

The easiest one in my opinion is the Ferrari Champagne corker.


--- Quote from: narvin on January 12, 2010, 02:34:09 PM ---The easiest one in my opinion is the Ferrari Champagne corker.

--- End quote ---
We bought a Ferrari years ago for bottling wine, it's ery easily adapted for corking beer.
The cages can be a little tricky.  i broke several before I figured out how tight I could get them without breaking.


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