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So after my last sub-freezing brewing experience with using garden hoses and my IC outside to chill I decided to build a simple system to chill using water recirculated via a pump through the IC into a cooler.  Found a cheap aquarium pump on Amazon and not knowing what I was doing bought it.  Attached hose fittings to two lengths of 1/2" ID clear tubing and fired it up.  No surprise, it didn't have the juice to move the water.

So I went out and got one of these:

Now I'm not sure if I went overboard or not.  There's no question this will move the water through the system but I'm worried it's got too much power for the 1/2" tubing and the chiller coil.  I don't want to either 1) burn out the pump motor, or 2) rupture something somewhere else.

Anyone have an opinion they'd care to share or experience with this pump?

I'm not familiar with that particular pump but I use a 1/6hp - 1,200GPH pump with 1/2" tubing and it works just fine. Doesn't seem to be stressed at any point in the set-up.
Some folks use similar 1/6 -1/2hp pumps from Harbor Freight like this

I don't have that exact pump either, but I got one very similar to it from Northern Tool.  I use it in the summer to push ice water through my immersion chiller and it works like a champ. 

Great, thanks for the help guys.

How is this pump cooled?

I do not have personal experience but I heard that these kind of pumps generate fair amount of heat.


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