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Hey everyone, couple of questions. When do you add the salts? I am going to do them for the mash and the sparge, can I just add the salts while I am heating up the strike/sparge water? Also, for NaCl, I am wondering if the type of salt matters, ie corse kosher or iodinated salt. Thanks!

There are many ways to go about it I guess. Here's how I do it with a batch sparge.  I use Palmer's RA Spreadsheet to get an idea of what I need. I mash in & stir for 5 - 10 minutes.  Take a PH reading to see where it's at. If it needs adjusting I'll start adding the salts 1/2 at a time, stir & check the PH again. Once it's in range (~5.4-5.6) I close it up & let the mash finish out.  I don't do a mash out. I don't adjust the sparge water. Don't see a need to since I'm just rinsing out what's already been converted.  If I need more salts in the boil I'll add them in the boil. Usually I don't. I'm interested in hearing how other's adjust theirs as well.

I put them in the mash.  Some like the Chalk, do not disolve in water readily.  The acidity of the mash helps the chalk to disolve.

Put some in the boil too.

Thanks for the replies, so if you dont adjust the mash at all, the calculations I am getting are for mash and sparge or total, do I just to the total amount in the mash and call is good, or just stick with the calculated mash amount.

As I understand it, you make the corrections for the batch size you want at the end of the boil.  If I'm wrong, I've jacked up a whole bunch of beer in my life.  :o   I usually add all my additions as I'm heating the water, and stir as the temps rise to help it dissolve.


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