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Author Topic: temp control  (Read 4349 times)

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Re: temp control
« Reply #15 on: October 12, 2011, 08:30:02 am »
Those analog thermostats hat are on refrigerators or kegerators can swing 4 degrees in each direction. I'm going to use a digital Ranco to get the temp more exact, 1-2 degrees in each direction.

Would you set the differential to 1 or 2 degrees keeping in mind that a 2 degree swing would save the refrigerator a lot of wear and tear?

My Ranco seems to work like this - if I set it to 65, it turns the fridge on when the temp gets to 66 so my real temp is on the cusp of 65 and 66.

If I want 65 I set my thermometer to 64 with a 2 degree differential.  Therefor when the beer gets to 66 the cooler brings it down to 64 but 90% of the fermentation is spent in the middle at 65, right where I want it.

I'm not sure if all temp controllers work this way because I've only ever used Ranco's
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