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Tallgrass Polytechnic and Brewing Company presents:
Homebrewing 101 or The Alchemy of the Brew.
Saturday, November 5th (2:00 pm to 5:00 pm)

Now is your chance to learn the dark arts of brewing your own beer. This knowledge, still forbidden in some states, will be revealed to you in this magical event. Your journey into the realm of the sacred brew will be revealed in three parts:

I.   The Ancient Art of Domestic Brewing: Tallgrass’s head brewer and level 10 homebrew paladin, Andrew Hood, will reveal the basic alchemy of turning grain into the mystical beverage known as beer. A simple beverage that can have the power to attract a mate or vanquish enemies, depending on how it is prepared. Hood will also talk about his visionquest from homebrewer to professional brewer.

II.   The Parts of the Potion:  Brewer and potion protector, Ian Smith will reveal the importance of tasting beer and how to detect problems within the potions. Assisting him will be Austin Hibbs, a level 5 brew elf, revealing the secrets of tasting beer as well as experiencing the raw ingredients.

III.    The Mage Speaks: Homebrewer and Tallgrass owner, Jeff Gill, will discuss his mystic journey from geologist to homebrewer to level 12 micro-brewery owner. For the first time anywhere Jeff will reveal the homebrewing secrets that skyrocketed him to become “the brew dude”. Jeff will also discuss why an appreciation for rap music is essential to understanding the brewing process.

All participants will get some choice Tallgrass swag, a tour of the brewery, samples of all the great Tallgrass beers and a chance to win a Homebrew starter kit (a $200 value).

Where: Tallgrass Brewing Company World HQ
      8845 Quail Lane
      Manhattan, KS 66502

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