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Won't be posting too much since we're on vacation and the wife frowns on that sort of thing during vacation, but she's cooking right now so I can say, Howdy everybody! So far we've had a great time - got to hang out with James Spencer and Andy Sparks from Basic Brewing radio, Andy's Magic Beer Fridge is indeed a sight to behold. Had some Firestone Walker Double Jack IPA straight from a super-fresh keg, among other beers. Wal-Mart is an interesting place, I feel a bit of culture shock being in there, but jeez, not having to pay 12 euros for a can of Karo is a good thing.

Have been to 17th st BBQ, that was OK, nothing amazing, I've made better at my house and it cost less, but as they say the best food is the food you don't have to cook. Tried a Ranger IPA from New Belgium, great hop aroma! But man, does every place keep its draft lines this cold? I'm used to cellar temp.

Picked up the Sam Adams fall sampler, a bit of latitude 48 (old 6 pack, no hop aroma to speak of :-( ) and a New Belgium sampler. Lots of beer to go through. The US really feels like more of a beer mecca than Belgium, as long as you know where to go.

Welcome back! I saw your name on the new BBR episode but haven't had a chance to listen yet.

Any chance you're headed out this way?

Welcome back, brotha! Have a fun vacation.

Welcome back to the land of the free! Drop me a PM if you're down in Austin. Maybe we could meet fo a beer.

Yeah, post some kind of rough itinerary so we can find you if you're close.  Then again, you might not want us to :)


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